Corporate Overview

Panacea Global, Inc. (PGI) is a biotechnology company focusing on developing and commercializing products for the early detection, diagnosis and monitoring the recurrence of cancer. Panacea’s novel product is a blood test that can measure the blood level of Human Aspartyl (Asparaginyl) B-Hydroxylase (HAAH). HAAH is a novel cancer biomarker is an enzyme which is over expressed in cancer cells and is the foundation of our breakthrough technology.

Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer can play a key role in increasing patient’s chances of survival. However, current cancer diagnostic modalities are still not accurate, may take up to several months to obtain results and the associated costs are extremely high.

PGI is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is publicly traded on the OTCBB under the symbol, PANG. PGI has worldwide exclusive rights (excluding the USA) attained from Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to distribute and commercialize its diagnostic tests based on the novel bio-marker HAAH.


At Panacea Global Inc. our mission is to provide accurate, timely and less invasive diagnostic tests across the globe. Thereby, increasing the quality of life of our patients and ultimately saving lives.


Our vision is to have our diagnostics be affordable and accessible worldwide, and to provide accurate diagnostics for all forms of cancer.

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